Humanity’s hopes, desires, and visions of tomorrow will be ignited from within the heart, as it beats to a new energy becoming aligned with an evolving universe.

The Gears of Consciousness™ -  contain wisdom and knowledge that will see the birth of a new and enlightened humankind.
Darrelle Stevens


A blending of thought, emotion and vision are the three components of unity consciousness, as delivered in the Gears of Consciousness™
A new paradigm in the nature of our reality is moving humanity in a very different direction.
Fascinating opportunities lay ahead for those who seek change, and embrace the new paradigm. An introduction to this exciting new arena is presented throughout the website as an entrée to feed the inquiring mind.
Learning and understanding our connection to all living things is essential.
Our ability to affect ourselves and others due to our thoughts and actions, can mean the difference between happiness and wellness OR unhappiness and illness.
When we are happy and healthy, we create and emit high energy, and when we are unhappy and unhealthy, we create and emit low energy. 

Change your vibration Change your vibration, change the world  Change your world


Positive thoughts, create positive energy, which attracts more positive energy – its that simple!


It is energy that makes things manifest.

Expanding your consciousness Human energy fiels (aura)   Human body communication with the universe.
Expanding your consciousness, can  assist in developing, esp, intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, creativity, and so much more. Our human energy field (aura) and the planetary energy field interact to assist and support us in our current shift in consciousness. The human body  communicates (exchanges energy) with the universe, planet life and all living matter in our environment, continuously.


It is vital to know about, and understand the principles of happiness, health and well-being; a connection between thoughts,words and actions is how we determine our reality.

Change your thinking – Change your world!
Meditation is the quickest way to change your energy, and is the basis for all  exercises in the Gears of Consciousness™


Our thoughts, words and actions are the energy waves that leave our electromagnetic field (aura) and move out into the environment, returning to us as our reality – one that we create and are responsible for. Through the power of thought, emotion and vision – Unity Consciousness, we can learn to develop a new and exciting future. We learn to become co-creators.

The Human Energy Field  The Earth's energy field
 The Human Energy Field  The Earth’s Energy Field

Ancient wisdom and new information is now being re-introduced as Energy Medicine .

Simply put – energy is the subject (patient) and energy is the medicine (remedy) to the imbalances in our physical body. The diagrams above are a view of the human and earth energy fields.  Each energy field has a unique system which needs to be maintained properly in order to achieve balance, harmony and well being. All fields interact and affect the others; human, planetary and universal, without separation and  all existing in unity.

A major key to a shift in paradigm for us, is to understand the underlying principles of ENERGY.

It is these principle’s that Darrelle has used to develop all  programs including the 9D Aura Activation and Acceleration. * Please refer to the Gears.

During meditation humans emit the alpha frequency, which is between 7-9 Hz or cycles per second. Earth’s natural electromagnetic field has a frequency that is generally about 7.8Hz, also referred to as the Schumann Resonance.

When people meditate, the human brain in its relaxed state has the same frequency of vibration as the energy field of the earth.
The energy field of the earth interacts with the energy fields of other planets and constellations also. Changes then reflect on the energy fields of living bodies including humans. These energy fields connect all living matter, humans, plants, animals, and the earth.

Being able to understand our connection to All That Is, makes it easier to understand the nature of our personal reality and where we truly fit in the world as we see it. Understanding ‘Unity Consciousness’ means connecting with All that is and having that awareness.  We are a divine being, having a physical experience,  and about to realize our greatest potential, -  to become super consciousness.

Meditation is the basis for all exercises in The Gears of Consciousness™

Programs are presented internationally, transforming the lives of participants.
Audio Cd’s are available for continued support of the learned tools and techniques. 


* Contact Us and  enquire about meditation classes being held in your area.

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