The Gears of ConsciousnessThe Gears of Consciousness™ -  contain wisdom and knowledge that will see the birth of a new and enlightened humankind.
Darrelle Stevens

The transformation of humanity into a higher state of being is the expression of our ascension. At the core of this learning is the frequency of Unity. As the Earth ascends into the Fifth  Dimension, we are a part of the global journey, so it is vital that we learn and develop the necessary  skills of transformation. The great Cosmic Clock will click into gear as we respond; it will move us beyond the point of  illusion and into a new world, a reality we have long dreamed of.

The 9 Gears of Consciousness™ is a program of developmental exercises, designed specifically for the expansion of the human consciousness. Critical tool skills are learned and applied as exercises, a way to provide understanding and experience in a safe and supportive environment; they are delivered during workshops, lectures and seminars
This unique and advanced program has its foundations within the frequency of Unity; components of which are, comprised of thought, emotion, and vision. Components of energy that activate and advance our experience to become super consciousness.
Thought is the activation of the mind; Emotion is the activation of the heart; and Vision is the hand in motion, our ability to create a new world – a new reality.

This is a unique program designed for the expansion of the human consciousness –  an unfolding spiritual journey to advance our species in preparation for  living  in the 5th dimension – and beyond. There are no limits! 


The Gears of Consciousness The Gears of Consciousness Developed by Darrelle Stevens over a 20 year period, this program produces astounding results that unlock the wisdoms of eternity. The potential of humanity becomes a crystal river of light transforming  the entire totality of one’s  reality into a new world.

The Gears of Consciousness™

We begin teaching the connection of body, brain, and mind by using the Gears of Consciousness™. We, in fact, learn to shift the gears of consciousness and incorporate the practical use of non-verbal communication to advance ourselves as a species and achieve the initial stages in this new development process. We need to activate the brain, excite the mind, and control our bodies’ natural responses that we have allowed to travel without direction. We seek truth and wise resolve in our awakening journey; therefore, progression through each gear is carefully guided step by step. Focused efforts with meditation will calm and purify the emotional process, ignite insights, and act as signposts for the future. Without challenge there can be no enlightenment – through basic development, we learn the use of ‘accelerator’ and ‘brake’, the techniques that allow us to maintain complete control and a safe environment for learning and growth.

The Gears of Consciousness™ has the ability to transform our world!
Employment, relationships, business, daily challenges with friends and family –
in fact every aspect of your life can be changed by addressing  situations differently.

To get change in your life, you need to address the current ‘what is’ differently.
If you continue to go along the same path doing the same thing,
day in and day out, you are programming for the same outcomes.

Albert Einstein said:  You can not solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it!

*Seminars & Events – inquire today about these life changing courses, workshops, lectures & seminars.



The aura is the energy field that surrounds the human body, and in fact all life forms. Generally there are seven fields of energy connecting to the seven chakra centers of the human body. However due to our current shift in consciousness, we are activating even more energy centers and these are in the vicinity above  the crown chakra and number beyond twelve.


Energy Field, chakras and meridians
A display of energy field, chakras and meridians

Our meridians communicate with the autonomic nervous system of the body, which then sends messages to the brain and body.  By having a basic understanding of the bodies fields we quickly realize our own connection to nature and the nature of personal reality. The universe to a certain degree, is a self organising universe; one that affects our world daily, via the energy transfer. We in turn affect all living matter in our world. All fields are interconnected and interact (communicate) together.
Through our field and our DNA (our blueprint) we carry information, send and receive messages to our environment constantly, as well as having interaction with resonating star systems.
Darrelle is consciously aware, therefore as a facilitator, applying the technique of Aura Activation and Acceleration the result is magnified.

Earth Meridians

Earth meridians

The planet and the human body are energy systems, that connect together in a web of energy which also includes universal energy.

Human meridians

Human meridians

All things are connected, whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. Man didn’t weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.
Chief Seattle – The Precious Earth

An important aspect of the Aura Activation is the  soul connection and the simultaneous expression of this energy in the auric field. An understanding of past lives is an exciting part of this unique experience. The vast records of the souls existence and its magnificence are held within the field. The wonders of our existence and our interaction beyond time and space is certainly highlighted during the expression of past lives and the records that are present within our fields of energy. This is also translated to the individual during the Aura Activation and Acceleration session.
A clearing and adjustment of this field has a profound affect upon the shift in energy which supports the balance required for happiness, health and well being.

Look out into the universeAs we look out into the universe we surely must realize; we are not separate from the vastness or unique design that connects us in absolutely every way, to All That Is.  Our very existence is a reflection of the magnificence of this creation, and as co-creators, we are able to transform our world!

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